Revision of (iView) Media Pro possibly resurrected from a near death experience from Fri, 2011-05-13 13:29

I am relieved to announce that the software, iView Media Pro, with which I am currently cataloging my extensive collection of flatworm image, video and audio files (>25'000) has hopefully been resurrected from from a near death experience that it suffered when Microsoft bought iView Media Pro in June 2006 (only to rename it Expression Media and halt any serious development).

Almost exactly one year ago, PhaseOne, a company that develops high-quality camera backs, bought the software from Microsoft, and has just new released version 1.0 of what it now calls Media Pro (available for both Mac and PC). One crucial point for me as a Mac user is that the new software is now written for the Intel chips that are in all modern Macs, while the old version was for PowerPC chips, which will no longer be supported with the next major MacOS upgrade.

The new software looks fairly similar to the old one (which is good), so there is hope that I can continue using it. It has crashed on me once already when searching, but it is a 1.0 version, so there is hope for improvement.



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