Freshwater microturbellarians (Platyhelminthes) from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2004
Authors:J. Gamo, Leal-Zanchet A. Maria
Journal:Revista Brasileira de Zoologia
Type of Article:article

<address>Mentions:<br /></address><address>Macrostomum johni<br /></address><address>Macrostomum tuba<br /></address><p>Ten species of freshwater microturbellarians of three ordens, Catenulida, Macrostomida and Rhabdocoela, were collected in seven sites situated in the Northeast region of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Two species, Macrostomum johni Young, 1972 and Mesostoma productum (Schmidt, 1848), are cited for the first time for Brazil, the citation of M. johni being also the first one for the Neotropical Region. All species are cited for the first time for the state of Rio Grande do Sul.</p>



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